Currently, I focus on two projects: my doctoral research on Blended Smoking Cessation Treatment and the Youth Work Mobile 2.0 – Train partnership

Blended Smoking Cessation Treatment (2014-2020)

Doctoral research on Blended Smoking Cessation Treatment, a new type of therapy to help people stop smoking. An evaluation study is exploring the effectiveness for the cessation of smoking of a blended version of face-to-face treatment plus online treatment compared with face-to-face treatment only. Additional sub studies are conducted on user experience and adherence. The research is being supported by Saxion University of Applied Sciences, the University of Twente, addiction treatment institute Tactus and the Medisch Spectrum Twente hospital.

Youth Work Mobile 2.0 – Train (YOWOMO2.0-Train) (2016-2019)


The core idea of YOWOMO2.0-Train is to get youth work in shape for the 21st century. YOWOMO2.0-Train builds on the results of the European research projects “EU Kids Online” and “Net Children Go Mobile”. Their results indicate that both the training of youth workers and their professional practice are challenged by the growing significance of smartphones and social media in young people’s lives. Internet use is increasingly mobile with more children accessing the internet in the p
rivacy of their bedroom and when out and about. Although children do more online, most do still not climb far up “the ladder of opportunities”. The knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for professional youth work facing these challenges are described in the Youth Work Mobile 2.0 (YOWOMO2.0) competence framework, which is the outcome of a former European partnership. Building on this framework, YOWOMO2.0-Train will now be the first project to be sustainable and to implement the YOWOMO2.0-competences for youth work in the age of smartphones and social media in youth work education and training. (more)

Sommerhaus – “Die reifste Boygroup des Münsterlands” (2010-today)

Community Art (music) – the bands aim is to support social or cultural activists by benefit concerts. (more)

Youth Work Mobile 2.0 (YOWOMO2.0) (2013-2015)

Youth Work Mobile 2.0 (YOWOMO2.0) was a European Partnership developing a framework for Vocational and Educational Training (VET) of youth workers facing the growing significance of smartphones and social media in the life of their clients. (more)

Saxion op Pad (2013)

Use of iPads in training and field work by Social Work students (more)


Give Saxion a Smart Touch (2012)

Using Near Field Communication (NFC) and QR-Codes in Higher Education developing an interactive worldmap (more)